Tom Pappalardo is a graphic designer, writer, cartoonist, and musician. He has previously published an essay collection (One More Cup Of Coffee, 2016) and a comic collection (Everything You Didn't Ask For, 2014). He lives in a manky old house in western Massachusetts with a little cat named Charlie. 


Broken Lines started out in the mid-nineties as odd little one-page vignettes I was photocopying and stapling to telephone poles. I expanded it to a comic book series that incorporated lots of prose sections. After completing eight issues of a planned 12 or 13 issue story arc, I sort of hated it. I re-edited the first six issues into a graphic novel. Then I revamped the art and restructured a bunch of stuff. It was a sprawling project with too many bits in it. I'm not Neal Stephenson fer chrissake. Anyway, it grew to be too unwieldy, and at this point I had been working on it for over a decade, so I decided to chuck out almost all the sequential art and expand the prose. Broken Lines became an illustrated novel. It's just the way things worked out. I'll probably write a sequel.

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