"This author is bound to find an audience that has been waiting just for him." — Publishers Weekly

"Broken Lines is a rollicking, careening adventure... Pappalardo has created a world, and a book, unlike any other." Foreword Reviews

“A Douglas Adams-inspired roadtrip…” — Tulsa Book Review

"An engaging, gonzo novel with classic illustration elements and a large dose of silliness... If you expect a serious adventure, you’re reading the wrong book." Bleeding Cool

"If I had a better imagination, I'd be able to put everything I wanted in a book and it would be like this."  93.9 The River

"A rambling shaggy-dog tale... the story defies easy categorization." — Daily Hampshire Gazette

"It’s wild, funny and engaging; freely intermingling sci-fi, comedy and a good chase." — reader G.M.

"Out of the thousands of books I've read in my life, this is the only time I've ever laughed out loud while reading the introductory pages." — Goodreads reviewer

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Reviews of earlier versions of BROKEN LINES:

"It is so unlike everything else that I have ever read that I hate to make any sort of comparisons."  — BlogCritics Magazine

"...a classic oddity, full of strangeness and lunacy...a solidly creative effort." — Comics Waiting Room

"It is intelligent, entertaining, and in a word, freaking awesome." — Broken Frontier

"[Pappalardo] has steeped Broken Lines in various literary traditions that suggest he’s at least walked by a library or two, the sense of humor is truly absurd, and references to modern culture both high and low pepper the pages." — Comic Book Bin

"I can’t remember the last time I was this impressed by a story where I had no real idea what’s going on."  — Optical Sloth

"...the design visuals just hooked themselves into my brain and are making me say Preeeetty." — FLEEN