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Frequently Asked Metal Quest-ions

Where can I buy this? / I must own this! / I covet thy tome, etc.

Metal Quest is an ongoing project. A work in progress. A hope for a brighter tomorrow. It does not currently exist in book form. It is not currently available for purchase. It is not currently under contract with a major or minor publisher. But we're still working on it. It is on our minds. 

What is the current status of Metal Quest?

2021: Matt has made a bunch of character designs and Tom has completed a fully thumbnailed layout of the story. We are both busy and this project unfortunately gets backburnered a lot.

Is this one of those '80s nostalgia-fests where characters say insipidly stupid things like "Uh muh gad, gag me with a spoon and hand me the clicker! Manimal is on our tube television set!!!"?

It wasn't until you said that. Now we might add it in. Keep those suggestions coming!

Who are you guys?

Matt is an illustrator known for Hellboy, Folklords, Lake Of Fire, and his own Barbarian Lord book. Tom is a writer and graphic designer less-known for his books Broken Lines, One More Cup Of Coffee, and Everything You Didn't Ask For. We're both from Massachusetts.

How can I stay informed about this important artistic work?

Follow Matt and/or Tom on Twitter. We mention MQ every once in awhile. Tom has an infrequent newsletter.

Can I make a pinup of your characters?

Wouldn't you rather make a pinup of your own characters?

Are you true metal or posers?

Matt is probably true metal because he's been to Iceland. Tom is prolly like 85% Eddie and 15% Allister Fiend TBH.

Did you create this question page just so you could make the "Frequently Asked Metal Quest-ions" pun?

Shut up.

updated 02/2021

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